The rate of improvement for cancer liquid biopsies is astonishing. Two questions:

1. Based on your description of MRD and its lower tumor fraction, it seems technically more challenging than cancer screening?

2. In your view, what company(ies) shows the most promise in translating this type of research for commercial use in the clinic?

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Great dive into the details.

I think doing a better job detecting residual disease would be a big advance if it lets less patients get treated (eg is more specific than current standard of care.) Doing really early detection of cancer before overt disease is also a big deal.

I wonder how the clinical trials for this stuff would look.

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Amazing summary. It's great to see the study incorporate genomic context data (ATAC-seq, replication timing etc). The genomics/ML field is definitely headed multi-modal.

Would love to hear your thoughts on where ctDNA for early cancer detection is headed (particularly GRAIL).

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