I think this is a very interesting concept. I think the world is ceaselessly moving from decentralised to centralised and back again as we improve our technology and new capabilities open up.

For me, this has a personal element to it. I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes back in October 2020. Now I am fortunate enough to live in Australia where access to Insulin is easy and affordable (almost entirely subsidised).

But what happens if there is a problem with supply of Insulin? Without it eventually I will die.

What if I could produce insulin myself by inserting an Insulin producing Plasmid into e-coil I’ve cultivated at home?

This isn’t beyond the realms of possibility. Using the kits provided here - https://www.the-odin.com/ I have already grown DH5A e-coli at home on LB Agar plates and introduced a DNA plasmid coding for a Green Flourescent Protein (GFP) which made them glow green under exposure to blue light.

With DNA coding for Insulin production inserted in the same way or via CRISPR Cas9 (currently doing this experiment but with different DNA payload) and a few processing steps off the back of it to isolate the insulin why can’t I produce my own like I can grow carrots in my back yard...?

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You have exuberantly portrayed a captivating, albeit unconstrained vision, which positions itself as the top priority and the only way forward. The contrast between the industrialization of biotech and the biologization of the industry represents a dichotomy: humans as the primary engineers versus evolution as the primary engineer.

If we start from the First Industrial Revolution, driven by mechanization (the locomotion system), followed by electrification (blood vessels, peripheral nerve system), computation, and automation (brain and reflex movements), and the application of intelligent systems (AI), we can clearly observe humans employing forward engineering to shape the world around us, while aiming to mimic evolution.

On the contrary, the biologization of the industry signifies a paradigm shift in industrialization. In this case, we apply reverse engineering to comprehend evolution as the paramount engineering force, followed by divergent and re-engineering of the complexity of life, to usher in a brave new world.

Atoms are local. Priority is the ultimatum.

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Love this. Gives me solarpunk hopes for the future

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Stamm.bio Likes this

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